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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Objective Tree - Rubkona and Bentiu DevelopmentObjective Outputs Activities Immediate Objective Environmental degradation and physical insecurity during conflict timeis reduced as a result of improved cooking methods and coordination 1. Fuel Efficient Stoves Training Programme: Established in Bentiu UNMISS POC for the benefit of the residingIDP population Protection of IDPs Conflict resilient food security Sustainable NRM Reduced localised conflictover resource competition Employ FES programme staff;Finalise stove design;Earmark space for stove making;ID vulnerable individuals and HHs;Train initial beneficiaries;Community awareness campaigns;Partner liaison inc.local leaders;6 month review of training phase'Roll out training of trainers 2. Assessment report addressing food and environmental vulnerability during conflict time 3. Establishment of a national level FES working group and co-coordination of the WG alongside FAO Hire consultant;Partner engagement;Interviews and focus group discussions;Liaise with FES Programme;Share findings and recommendations;Incorporate feedback and finalise;Share report with all relevant stakeholders Employ co-cordinator;Liaise with partners incgovt liaison;Establish venue and otherpracticalities;Establish WG ToR (inc.development of FES domestic plan and M&E);Share and refine ToR with all partners;Liaise with other clusters;Liaise with CHF and otheremergency funds
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