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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Objective Tree - Rubkona and Bentiu DevelopmentObjective Outputs Activities Immediate Objective Environmental degradation and physical insecurity during conflict timeis reduced as a result of improved cooking methods. Fuel Efficient Stoves Training Programme: Established in Bentiu UNMISS POC for the benefitof the residing IDP population Assessment report addressing food and environmental vulnerability duringconflict time This report will contribute one component to an overarching food and environmental securityanalysis and strategic plan with the purpose of building national resilience against the impact of cyclical weather patterns, climate change and conflict. Protection of IDPs Conflict resilient food security Sustainable NRM Reduced localised conflictover resource competition The improved stove design and usewill reduce HH fuel consumption. This will minimise deforestation and the amount of time (and therefore exposureto armed groups) required for fuel collection.It will run alongside FAO FES distributionin order to provide a training component that sustainably builds the capacity,skills and livelihood opportunities of the IDPs. Finalise stove design with IDP leadership / FAOEarmark space for stove makingTrain stove extension agentsHold community awareness campaignsIdentify and prioritise vulnerable individuals and HHsLiaise with livelihoods partnersEngage as possible and appropriate local leadershipWork with protection partners to enable roll outHold an 6 month review of training phaseSupport extension agents to roll out training to IDPs Hire consultant to write reportEngage with camp leadership and other partnersConduct interviews and focus group discussionsLiaise with Fuel Efficient Stoves ProgrammeShare initial findings and recommendations with PRTIncorporate feedback and finalise reportShare report with all relevant stakeholders and clustersEngage in internal knowledge exchange sessions (i.e. feed into overarching strategic plan unit)
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