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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Obesity Rates in the United States As you can see from the graph, the State with the lowest obesity rates is Colorado with a rate of 21.3%. The graph also depicts the states with the highest obesity rate which is West Virginia(35.1%), Arkansas (34.6%), and Mississippi (35.1%). As you can also see from the map, the majority of the United States issomewhat in the middle and the numbers are only increasing. This just shows how prominent obesity is here in the U.S. Obesity Rates across the Globe Obesity Rates by Race and Gender It can easily be easily seen from the pie charts that Hispanics have the largest obesity rates among both males and females. The two pie charts are very similar therefore it can be concluded that gender probably does not play a huge role when considering obesity rates. Obesity: An Up Close look This graph shows the obesity rates for a handful of countries from around the world. The percentage of the population of each country that is considered obese is shown by the y-axis, as well as above each of the bars. Notably, the United States has the highest rate of obesity for its population, while Japan and South Korea are in competition for the lowest obesity rate. As you can see in the graph, overall obesity continues to steadily increase. Doing research on this topics was interesting and somewhat disturbing, seeing the numbers across the nation of extreme obesity to continue to rise. It is therefore easy to guess that in the years to follow 2010, obesity rates will continue to rise. In just a matter of 48 years, extreme obesity rose by 26%, and continues to. Obesity Over Time
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