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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 An American CancerSociety (ACS)study of 123,216adults with an averageage of 63 found thatsitting can be hazardousfor your health. Thescientists reported thatthe death rate of menwho spent the most timesitting was 17 percenthigher than that of theirpeers who spent the leasttime sitting. Most of theexcess deaths linked tositting were caused bycardiovascular disease,and the results held upeven after the researcherstook other cardiovascularrisk factors into account. There are manydifferent peopleall around theworld who haveobesity. Thosepeople who haveit are slowly killingthemselves, byeating too muchfood for theirbody to handle. Obesity can sometimesbe a problem for somescientist to figure out.In some cases, geneticsare responsible; in others,various combinations ofhormonal, metabolic, andbehavioral factors. But insome cases, it's hard todetermine the exact causeof obesity. Obesity Did you know?Obesity is higheramong middle agedadults, 40-59 yearsold (39.5%) thanamong younger adults,age 20-39 (30.3%) oradults over 60 or above(35.4%) adults. If you keep on eating unhealthy and notexercise the fatty foods away. You willstart to become over weight, which willlead to obesity. If you have obesityright now, you know how tough it is totry to make a change to your body. Butif you don't try to push your body to changeyou can get strokes, high blood pressure,diabetes, abnormal blood fats,metabolicsymptoms,cancer, osteoarthritis, sleepapnea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome,reproductive problems, and gallstones. Since 1980, therate of obesityin children andadolescents hasalmost tripled. Obesity has reachedepidemic proportionsglobally, with at least2.8 million peopledying each year as aresult of beingoverweight or obese. In general, Americansliving at or below thepoverty level tend tohave a less healthydiet, as calculatedby the HealthyEating Index.
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