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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north east south east west coast represented Obesity Worldwide Fat Facts What is obesity? What are some consequences ofobesity? How to lose weight and prevent obesity? -Americans eat 31%more packaged foods than fresh foods.-FDA tests inly 1% of food imports.-Less than 30% of Americans eat the correct amount ratioof meats to vegetables. - The condition of beingvery fat or overweight. -Worldwide obesity has DOUBLEDsince the 80s.-In 2008, over 200 millionmen and 500 million womenwere obese.-In 2013, 42 million childrenwere obese. -Cardio vascular disease- Diabetes - Hypertension -Liver and gallbladder disease -Sleep apnea-Respiratory Problems-Osteoarthritis -Exercise or engage in physical activity. + 60 minutes for children + 159 minutes for adults-Eat healthier. + Create a diet + Do not eat or limit fast food. What are somecauses? What are the statistics? -Gynecological problems-Chronic back pain -Mobility limitation-Decrease life expectancy -More expensive insurance What are some emotional effects of obesity? north west - The number of overweightpeople rivals the number of underfed people.-55% of adults are overweight.-23% of American adults are overweight. - Social Stigma- Low Self-Esteem- Possible Bullying- Depression- Emotional eating- Discrimination Sources font
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