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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website What People are Talking About! Facebook Profile: Ratings: 4.5 stars 2,870 likes (As of 12/10/2013)Location: Oak Park, IL Population: 53,000 (As of 10/13/2013) Facebook OPPL Staff Says: Fans Say: Usability of OPPL's Online Tools and Services (Zinio: Magazine & Newspaper Database: Free to OPPL patrons, free to check outperiodicals.) Susan's Library Page says Oak Park Public Library Does OPPL maintain a printcollection ALONG with Zinio? We sure do, Susan, and no titles were cut to add Zinio. Eachlibrary building has a collection of print magazines that canbe placed on hold and checked out for 3 weeks. Youcan find a complete list of our printmagazines here: Staff Testing Usability of 3MOverdrive, Ebook Providers* (taken from CustomerService Assistant)3M has a limited selectionof ebooks. Overdrive took a long time to boot on the Ipad,and it has a lot of steps.However it has a better selection of ebooks, 3M has issues downloading ontoIpad. * This testing was taken after hearing thecomplaints about 3M and Overdrive download issues from patrons. As mentioned in Media Bistro's article on Social Media and Customer Service, the customer loves a good speedy response and the useof Social Media has improved customer relations. Recently, OPPL had a 'Staff Day,' an annual forum on ways to improve customer service experiences and 'lifelong' learning. We kept updates live on Facebook to inform patrons. Suggestions: OPPL has a marketing department that does great work on updates/news on the library. It would be ideal to develop a Social Media plan that is for emergency closings. OPPL will soon develop a session on handling 'difficult patrons' in our library. It would also be ideal toperhaps turn one of our big tvscreens in the lobby into a 'live Tweet board' which would display tweets and updates from Facebook,periodically throughout the day. It would improvecommunity engagement. Created by Corelle D. Perry 12/10/2013
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