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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sydney Ouellette Prof BellowseMyth and inGenius summaries 1) 4) 3) 2) 5) Innovation Balance ofTechnician,Manager,& EntrepreneurPersonalities. Your Primary Aim Treat Your Businessas a Franchise -Before: Thought that all you hadto do was be aninnovativeEntrepreneur. -A balancebetween creatingstructure, hands-on ability, & wildimagination iswhat it takes tohave a smallbusinessthat works. -Before: Thoughtthere was a bigger focuson mastering the ability to adapt around a problem. -Don't changeyour wholebusiness to solve oneproblem, trylooking at itfrom adifferentperspectiveinstead. -Before: Thoughtthat you were tolive, sleep, eat, &breathe yourbusiness. -Your PrimaryAim is to notlose your"self" in yourbusiness and tolive your lifehow you want itto be. -Before anEntrepreneurcan delve intoa business, onemust realize thatone's life cannotbe taken overby their business. -Before: Thoughtthat Innovation &Creativity were simply meant tocreate products. -An Entrepreneurmust learn what gets in the way of customers getting what they wantfrom their business. -Before: Thoughtthere were simplestructures that franchises followinstead of intensetraining and rigidstructure. -Innovation ismeant to take the customer'spoint of view -When thinking ofa business, an Entrepreneur needs to createa repetitive systemthat can be appliedto multiple locations -If a businessis to succeedin multiple locations, itmust give customers thesame experience. -Entre/Innov havethe ability to usetheir imaginationand reframingto solve problemsand find newbusinessopportunities. Reframe Problems
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