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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -Using patientslikeme community to gather support and look to reference individuals tomaintain the behavior.-Using wearable monitoring device to constantly monitor sleep as a way of monitoring their improvement and adherence.-Patient & bed partner counselingvia patientslikeme to addressspontaneous intimacy issues-Patientslikesme OSA communityprovides other suggestions forwas to combat sleep apnea problemssuch as weight loss or reducing stressfulactivity before sleep. -CPAP is uncomfortable to wear- Problems with spontaneousintimacy with bed partner.-Noise of the machine preventingsleep of self or partner.-Maintaining the CPAP machine. Maintenance Self-Efficacy Cue to Action Preparation Action Observe Perceived Barriers Perceived Benefits -Confidence about correctly using CPAP-Belief that CPAP therapycan alleviate major symptomsof OSA Interpersonal Relationships-sleep partner complains about snoring -Bed partner reviews educational materials for partners with OSA and provides vocal support for CPAP use.-Bed partner remains sleeping in the same bed as their OSA partner to avoid isolation.-Follow the best practices for wearing the CPAP. -Full night's sleep-Alert during the day-Sleep partner can sleepsoundly. -CPAP machine is set up nextto the patient's bed.-Patient has purchasedor received wearable monitoring device.- Patient reads through and views educational materials and learns how to use patientslikeme website to join OSA community. Patient also does training on howto effectively use their wearablemonitoring device. Adherence to CPAP Therapy Stage Conceptual Model -Physician identifies the patient's concern.-Attend a sleep lab to determine diagnosisof obstructive sleep apnea-Learn, or re-learn, about importance of CPAP treatment adherence from physician-Educational materials will be provided, including: -Instructional video will be led bysomeone of a similar profile (race, body type, comorbidity)to the patient. - Also receive step by step instructionsabout how to use the CPAP and benefitsof CPAP therapy adherence to overall health. Reaction Judgement Contemplation
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