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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Oscar Micheaux Media Institute Crescent City Media Group Oscar Micheaux Media Institute @ Crescent City Media Group 2012 1918 1920 1930 1960 2000 2001 2011 Within Our Gate Cartoons; Sitcoms Birth of a Nation Under representation begins to tip the scale 1900 1915 Internet;Social Media Film Civil Rights Movement waves create culture shock Jim Crow Instituted in Former Confederate States Power of Media with an Intentional NarrativeAltering the Psychological State of Media Ecology in the Southern US World Wars I & II Disrupt Progression of Independent Black FilmmakersThey begin to work for Hollywood studios who forced them to produce Black-White films The culture shock caused by images of African Americans under assault by racist mobs and law enforcement across the South sends ripples throughout the country.This marks a moment beyond the moon landing, War of the Worlds radiobroadcast, and the Great Depression, where the plight of people of colorare paramount in television, radio and print in the US. "Historic Media Pivots that Changed Southern Media Ecology" 1877 2015 TV;Newscast Mass Distribution & Increased Access Building a Southern "Confederate" Narrative by Use of Propaganda in Film Racist depictions of African Americans in visual/motion media Age of Mass Media & Distribution The NEW Narrative! The NEW Narrative! End of Jim Crow (Plessy vs Furgeson) 1954 Life With No Narrative After Jim Crow became law, There were no Black Legislators in Congress for over 20yrs until after the Civil Rights movement.Oscar Micheaux is one of the few independent filmmakers who produced media to combat the "Jim Crow" narrative.
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