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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website Creative Thinking Notes Observational Journal 2 March 2015, 6Dear Journal,I am finally done with all my mid-terms paper! And now, I can certainly have the time to think about this journal thoroughly. Personally, I feel that observations are bound to be made in our daily lives, and I am not an exception, especially so when I am a difficult person who likes to look at the inadequacies of things around me. And Mum never fails to chide me for being picky and annoying all the time. G18 Tok Yi Ying Evania Today, I would like to talk about this observation of mine which I have always wanted to be changed. It has always been bothering me that most people are not learning in theright way. I believe that many Singaporeans would agree with me that most students more often than not are practising rote-learning to get pass with the education system here. I secretly hope that there would be someone influential out there to bring some changes to this. I wouldn't say that rote-learning is entirely bad, but it would be good if students grow to learn more about critical thinking and interactive learning as these are the essential skills that we have to be equipped with given the high-order thinking level of education at the later part of your life. Personally, I love interactive learning a lot as I find it the most beneficial! I mean, whenyou learn interactively, you get to know your stuff better which rote learning wouldn't permit us to do so and you get to learn from other people too. This is especially effectivespeaking from the personal experience I had for A levels in which I settled down with a few other friends of mine for Physics discussion (given that we already have basic knowledge and foundations for it) to better understand how to apply the different concepts.After that discussion, I was greatly enlightened as my understanding for these concepts was not in a complete piece intially, and they made them a complete one for me.
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