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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mexico has taken positive steps towardsreforming their judicial system. Out of the 31 states in Mexico26 hear oral arguments for commercial casesand 4 hear oral arguments for civil cases.This is an example ofchanges made with the new criminal code of 2014 Angel vs. Corruption and Reform Venture Uniformed National Code ofCriminal Procedure Angels Weak Points 4,000 30 billion 7.5m The second weakest aspect of Mexico's rule of law is it's criminal justice system.The written system is regardedas being slow and lackingcredibility. Lack of Constraintson Government Power Areas of Reform 1. Source: OECD Economic Survey: Mexico 2015 2. Areas of Corruption 2 50B+ 20B Oral Arguments 30B "Habeas Corpus" Petitions 1 The weakest aspect of the rule of lawis the presence of corruption. This is most evident with thepopular practice of bribery. #MXRuleofLaw #MXRuleofLaw Mexico is ranked as having one of the lowest rules of law in the world Weak Enforcemen t Inefficient Legal System Insufficienttransparenc y 20 40 60 80 40 80 Rule of Law in Mexico "The proposal of the book is very simple, and appears utopian, thus its title:the President makes the Rule of Law his ownand decides not to violate its elementary principles for the sake of expediency.That is, he break with all legal,presidential and political tradition that has historically permitted presidents to adapt the laws to their own needs and convenience,to impose their will on legislative and judicial powers, to control the state governors and, in short, enjoy enormous, albeit temporary, power. As practially all former presidents have found after their mandate, that power was in the last analysis ephemeral. The proposal is to institutionalize political power by means of the elevation of the Rule of Law by the President of the Republic." -Luis Rubio, A Mexican Utopia: The Rule of Law is Possible Mexico's public sector is perceivedas relatively more corrupt than most ofthe international community
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