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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Source: OECD Economic Surveys: Mexico 2015 Report "An economy with an efficient bureaucracy and rules of governance that facilitates entrepreneurship and creativity among individuals, and provides an enabling atmosphere for people to realize their full potential, can enhanceliving standards and promote growth and shared prosperity." -Doing Business 2015: Going Beyond Efficiency, World Bank Innovation and Entrepreneurship Related Woodrow Wilson Publication: Fostering Innovation in Mexico in Mexico What Mexico has done to facilitate entrepreneurship: Further Recommendations: Improved its legal framework to facilitate the expansion of businesses Increase the access to credit to foster start-ups (venture capital represents only .02% of GDP) Expansion of programs such as the National Council for Science and Technology to financially support start-ups Creation of high-technology regional clusters between companies and research/training institutions (Ex: Aerospace cluster in Querétaro) The government should focus on promoting linkages between businesses and universities Enhancing the necessary infrastructure A National Institute of the Entrepreneur was created in 2013 to address the needs and strengthen the start-up community The National Productivity Commission established in May 2013 was created to identify the policies that will continue fostering innovation Fostering greater accumulation of human capital (Mexico has one of the lowest rates of PhD completion) In 2014, the funding for the National Councilfor Science and Technology increased by 20%
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