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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DOMESTICATED ANIMALS OCEANIA NEW WORLD VS EXTENSIVEIRON WORKING The growth in both regions was negatively impacted due to lack of a steady food supply, lack of animal labor, and advanced metal or iron tools. OCEANIA SUFFICIENT AGRICULTURE LACKED SUFFICIENT AGRICULTURE Oceania lacked sufficient agriculture. This in turn limited their population and civilization growth. The New World did have sufficient agriculturewhich they were able to thrive on. NEW WORLD OCEANIA - Both started as nomadic societies - Empires in this region had governments which became centralized - Lacked centralization due to geographical and physical barriers/obstacles EXAMPLES: The Aztecs and Incas are two examples of New World societies thathad centralized governments. These governments allowed them expand and control larger areas of land. New Guinea was an example of an Oceania society which lacked centralization. This absence of centralization led to there being no substantial empires and little civilizationgrowth. This lack of centralization was due toNew Guinea being an isolatedisland that didn't have vastamounts of outwardly trade. They also didn't have the natural resources to thrive like the New World societies did. - Both societies started as hunter-gatherer societies - More complex and outwardly trade - Very little trade Internal trade mostly, not complex 1) 2) NEW WORLD OCEANIA EXAMPLES: 1) 2) The Mayans were an exampleof the New Worlds complex and outwardly trade. TheMayans were involved enough with trade that they had their own merchant class called thePochteca. These Pochteca weretraveling merchants that were able to trade all throughout Central America. This importance and prevalence of trade helped the economy of the Mayans and all of the New World. New Guinea was an example of an Oceania society that had very little trade. Due to their isolation and lack of goods, they didn't trade.This lack of trade held them back from a trade based economyin which the New World societies were thriving on. NEW WORLD BOTH: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT LIMITATIONS POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT DOROTHY GRIFFIN, CARSON HYDE
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