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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Graciousness Problemin Singapore The lack of graciousness in Singapore can beattributed to 3 broad themes, namely:- Personal Attitudes- Societal Norms- Education Singaporeans are motivated by material wealth and there is no tangible benefit from graciousness Graciousness is a moral obligation rather than a legal requirement. There are no consequences if you don't practice graciousness People put up a guard to prevent themselves from getting hurt emotionally, mentally or physically Singaporeans are unwilling to leave their comfort zone Singaporeans are reluctant to give but expect to receive Singaporeans too preoccupied to notice the need to be gracious Singaporeans focuses on gettingahead in life and becomes increasingly individualistic Graciousness in seen as a secondary obligation in Singapore's fast-paced society Singapore's education system does not focus on the soft-skills such associal grace Singapore kindness movement can launch initiatives to increasepublic awareness and motivationto be gracious Communities and educationalinstitutes can reinforce graciousness from a young age Public informationcomics-strips and banners can be introduced to remind people to exercise graciousness Educational institutes can placemore emphasis on soft-skills Reasons Solutions double click to change this header text! Personal Attitudes Education Societal Norms
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