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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Popularity Family Nyjah Huston Awesomeness Education Career Society Guy! Early Life $Money$ Element. Nyjah huston has twobrothers; Jahmai, and Ahbi Huston. He also hasone sister named Kaide Huston. Nyjah was homeschooled by his mother, and his fathertaught him how to skateboard.He didn't go to college. Nyjah Huston is one of the most successfulskaters of all time, pulling off tricks I can't even dream of doing! Nyjah started skating whenhe was only 5, and got sponsored when he was 7! By the time Nyjah wasonly 12, he was making over $300,00 a year from sponsors! Lets not forget, Huston'salso a good person, as he runs his OWN charitycampaigncalled "Let itFlow" dedicated to helping clean water get topeople who have none. Before Nyjah was born, hisparents lived without cleanwater, inspiring him tostart the "Let it Flow"Campaign. Luckily, Nyjah wasborn when his family made alittle bit more cash, and wereliving a normal life. Nyjah Huston has won moreprize money than any other skater, with the acception of Rob Dyrdek, and Tony Hawk.His net worth is 6M, but he deserves more!!! That dude works harder than a lot of people! Over the years, Nyjah has gained some seriousstreet credit! Nyjah started out small, but nowhe's a skateboard icon. Nyjah is one of the mostwell known, and loved skaters of all time, forhis skills, and his personality. Huston's first sponsor was elementskateboards! GO CHECK 'EM OUT
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