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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 of these, 3 QPM have 20-30% higher yield, disease and drought resistance. CIMMYT Nutrition Efforts CIMMYT develops high-yielding maize with high pro-vitamin A Carbohydrate and Protein Zinc is the body's most-used mineral.It is required for normal physical development and maintenance. polymorphisms have enhanced β-carotene provitamin A content Micronutrients Wheat ranks 1st as a source of protein 2.5 billion $1 2-3x Quality protein maize (QPM)contains more amino acidsfor better protein absorption Increase in protein intake over the long-run $16 1st 60% Sources: FAO State of Food Insecurity in the World (2014)FAO Studies on Cost of Hunger (2003)Lancet, Maternal and Child Study Group (2013) CIMMYT Provitamin A Enrichment in Maize (2014 Asia Maize Conference extended summary) FAO 30th Brussels briefing in Agriculture (2013)International Food Policy Research Institute. Global Nutrition Report 2014Actions and Accountability to Accelerate the Worlds Progress on Nutrition. high provitamin A varieties released 20% 70 to meet 60% of daily requirement in average 350 g wheat consumed. Invested in nutrition more zinc Breeding program tested yield stability in advanced wheatlines with higher zinc (Zn) and iron (Fe) x multiple environments Loss of potential 1/3 of energy is from wheat as a staple foodin 30 countries 2% Returned on investment 3 3 1% will result in per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth 3 $1 10% GDP totals in Africa and Asia are 90 percent of what they would be in the absence of under-nutrition CIMMYT's Mission: Sustainably increase maize and wheat production to reduce poverty and ensure global food security.
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