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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Meta Nuclear weapons Caution: Causes fear around the world, Terrorists attacks, And death. Uranium and plutonium can be easily smuggled. How it causes fear Terroristist groups could eventually gain access. We cannot eliminate nuclear weapons because we do not have have advanced enough tools. How do Nuclear Weapons affect the world? Why they were Created For World War 2, Military power, Every nationwants the power and to be strongerthen their competition. What are nuclear weapons? A bomb or missile that uses nuclear energy to create a explosion. Scientists are learning different techniques and designs. Many breakthroughs and discoveries in the 20th century.This was in nuclear science. This has caused development and the spread of nuclear weapons. The nine nuclear powers are USA, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea How males and females contribute to them Females are trying to abolish nuclear weapons. Both gender fears them and wants them gone. Women are doing as much work as men for nuclear weapons but they aren't feminine decisions. Women have played a huge role in nuclear weapons disarmament. Male and female play different roles in nuclear weapons. Men- they usually do military planning or engage in combat.Women- They try to bring peace and get rid of them. Ways to stop Nuclear Weapons and what we have done already to stop them Surveys 52% thinks that a country will try and attack a country with nuclear weapons. 53% think it's likely that there could be a terrorists attack. 45% worry that there could be a nuclear attack 55% rarely or never do think about it. Create awareness on how it is contributing and how it is bad. They are affecting our Quality Of Life in a negative way. We have made a safeguard system to prevent nuclear systems and to create safety. This has been successful since 1970. Make a website There are approximately 16300 Nuclear Weapons Worldwide.
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