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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nowhere But Upby Pattie Mallette Turned to drugs, alcohol, and shoplifting at age 14Things got tough at home; violence with motherSuspended from school Started a fire in girls bathroom Started dating Jeremy Bieber at 15Relationship lasted 4 yearsMoved out at age 16Supported herself through shoplifting & drug dealingBecame depressed and suicidalTried to commit at age 17Jumped in front of oncoming truck Admitted into mental hospital for 3 monthsReunited with Jeremy Bieber after her releaseGave birth after 6 months Justin Drew Bieber on March 1stPattie struggled with financial issues Maintained to keep roof over their heads Showed interest in acting and singing at age 9Appeared on Canadian tv commercialsRomper Room and Big Top TalentCast in Stratford Shakespeare Festival . In "Nowhere But Up", Pattie Mallette's childhood was filled with nothing but physical and sexual abuse. When she was only 3 years old, she was first abused by a family friend. That, then, continued until she was 14 years old. During her teen years, the constant fighting with her mom led Pattie to consume drugs and alcohol atonly at the age of 15. At 15 years old, Pattie tried to kill herself by jumping in front of a car, buther mission was not a success. She then went to a mental institution for 3 months and when Pattie was released she went back to her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy Bieber. A month later, Pattie found out she was pregnant with a baby boy, soon later she was going to name Justin. After she gave birth to Justin,Pattie turned a new leaf and discontinued to do drugs and alcohol and took very good care of baby boy, Justin Bieber. "God is not a vending machinewhere you drop in a few coinsand out pops whatever youwant. Prayer is about connectingwith Him on a deeper level. Talkto Him like you would talk to a friend." Facts: Suicide is the third leading causeof death of people ages 15 to 24. Nearly all high school students(97 percent) say that classmatesdrink, use drugs, or smoke. They say that 47% of their classmatesdrink alcohol. Summary: Most children who are abused are victimized by someone they knowand trust. About 60% of predatorsare known to the child but are not family members. Born on April 2nd, 1976First sexually abused at age 3Surrounded by violence and lasteduntil age 14
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