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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Theme:Not everything in lifeis perfect. It may start as a dream but it might end as a nightmare. Plot:Sterling and Ethan arehaving their anniversary and they tell each other they love each other for the first time. Ethan's single gets on the radioand he starts getting on shows such as Good Morning America. Heperforms many shows and Sterling is there, supporting him. The bigger he gets, the more hate Sterling gets. She realized that shehas changed so much. Her personality, her clothing. Everything get canceled because of him and interviews and touring. Her grandmotheris standing by her side.Until one day, her grandmadies unexpectedly. Ethan isn't there for her, butDamien is. He supports her through everything. Sterling sees that Ethanwas cheating on her with a fan. Sterling says that they have no chanceto get back together. Damien asks her to be his girlfriend, butshe says she needssome time alone. Objective Summary:Sterling just wanteda normal life with Ethanbut rumors and cheatingget in the way. So she decides that she can't take it no more and she breaks up with him. Now and Forever Sterling:She starts offwith a good lifebut it all gets ruinedby fame. Ethan: He has wanted to be a singersince he was littleand his dream came true. Setting:Ethan travels allaround the world to perform shows which is his dream to do.
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