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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How did the winter storm in November 2014 affect the people of New York state? Economic In preparation for the snow to melt more than 176 000 sand bags and over 375 water pumps have been purchased. All of the repairs of buildings and homes added up, with the cost of the preparation for the flooding is going to be veryexpensive. Businesses are not going to do make as much money as they usually do when no one can leave their house orwants to go outside. Environmental When the five to six feet of snow melts there is going to be a lot of waterwhich is going to cause erosion in the soil. Another way the snow will affectthe environment is when there is so much snow and so many people trying to get rid of, there willbe a lot of big trucks and snowplows trying to get rid of all the snow.Which is going to create a lot of pollution in the air. What is being done? Snow plows are being sent out to plow the streets. Some people are attempting to shovel their driveways Things are being bought in preparation for the flooding. The Buffalo Bills had announced that they would pay people $10 an hour and a ticket to thier game to help shovel an estimated 220 000 tons of snow from around the stadium so they would be ready to play their game. Social A lot of websites and newspaperarticles are being written, TV stories and reports about all of the snow. New York State New York State snow, November 2014 And a small impact the snow has on social media is the hashtag many peopleliving in New York State have starting using snovember to post videos and pictures of all the snow.
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