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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 JULIET MOREAU 10% Bravery 15% Mad Juliet's sassiness really showed once yougot farther and farther into the book and seeing her realize that her father wasn't the same man she knew all those years ago. When she saw what he was doing to theanimals and the island, she realized that shehad to stop him from completely destroying himself and everyone she loved. She staredsticking up for herself in a way that was sassybut enough emphasise to get her point across. In the book, Juliet finds herself slowly goingmad when she finds herself worrying abouta signature on a diagram that she should have long forgotten. I find that Juliet goes mad during the middle of the book because it finally dawnson her that her father is alive after all these years and he didn't bother to wonder about whathad become of her. Bravery was a reoccurring theme within the story. As the only girl in the story, I find thatJuliet had a lot of bravery and didn't take anynonsense from anyone. Bravery in my eyes canbe described in many ways. Whether it's makingsomeone believe that you are more than just a house maid in the kitchen or saving someone's life. I believe that Juliet had lots of bravery when she stood up to her father and made himbelieve that she was worht his time. Bravery Intelligence Mad 15% 34% 29% 10% 7% 29% Intelligence Throughout the story, I found that Juliet wasat her best intellectually and emotionallywhen she was alone and in peril. When shefled the blood scene in the laboratory that shesnuck into, she ran into the woods where allwild animals roam free and she was fine. I find that she thinks better when she's in peril or needs to get out of situation, instead of freezing. Sassiness intelligence mad curiosity sassiness 7% Sassiness Curiosity bravery A closer look at Juliet Moreau,the protagonist of The Madman'sDaughter by Megan Shepherd. Curiosity is shadowing Juliet all throughoutthe book. All of the book's suspense is basedon when Juliet does something or looks forsomething that sparks her curiosity. The one partthat I feel curiosity got the best of her was whenshe tried to sneak a peek at her father's laband see what the shrieks and werid creatureswere coming from. 34% Curiosity
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