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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Katia When I was five, I came to this base, and the view of the stars and planets were new and alien to me. Jett saved me from the explosion that destroyed my home planet, and killed my family. But I didnt escape unharmed. My left arm, leg, and eye were gone, so they were replaced, with cold unforgiving metal, and wires. But it was that, or have no control over the left side of my body, so I accepted my fate, and stopped worrying. Katia, I have a very important mission for you... Jett muttered. He sat back in his large black leather chair, obviously unsure of what he was about to say.Yes I intimated. Jett did not respond, his bright blue eyes still pondering his presumably important decision. I want you to go back to your home planet, there has been rumor of rebel activity there. Go there, and put an end to their branch of rebellion. But leave one alive, their leaders must know we mean business, (me) Home But when I returned home was captured While in Jail the rebels filled my head with what I thought were lies, they told me that it was Jett who killed my family and destroyed most of my plannet But returning to Jett, I figured out that the rebels told the truth Home I returned home and was captured willingly characters Plot I was sent to end Jett's reign as a dictator I ran to him and watched his face, it was distorted and mad. You dont know what you just did, Len will destroy every one without me to stop her, he explained and then stopped moving. He was dead. climax Leader of the empire, and my boss Jett When I returned the rebels, and their leader Len put me in jail because I knew to much Katia But I escaped, and ran Conflict Jett told me that it was the rebels that destroyed my family The rebels hinted at the truth, but still didn't know who it was and Jett kept me from figuring it out Look for the date Kalende 27, 70034, I told Lena and Leo as ran along the first row of records. After 5 minutes of searching I finally found it, I pulled it out of the shelf and scanned my finger on the restriction code. Kalende 27, 70034 is restricted from all levels of clearance other than, Alpha 3, an automated voice echoed from the walls, Alpha 3 has been alerted of this interest in restricted knowledge,We were silent, our investigation was no longer a secret, Jett would ask us what we were doing and then we would have nothing to tell him but the truth, and then we would be locked up for questioning, or worse. Setting "We shot out of the side of the base, and I was surrounded by stars. The empty black space was only lighted by the bright star surrounded by many planets, each different and only three of the six were survivable, and even those three were just barely able to support life."
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