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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Quote from novel-(Yanek talking). "But what I remembered wasn't the snow shoveling and the shootings and the starvation. I remembered walking to the market with my mother, visiting my father at work. Playing ball in the street with my friends." (Gratz,pg.75) Quote from novel-(Yanek talking). "As I ran a wet finger across my teeth, a memory suddenly came to me, unbidden. I remembered the first day my mother had brought me home a toothbrush." (Gratz,pg.188) Notice & Note: Again and Again Unknown Words from Novel: Notice and Note Examples from the book Prisoner B-3087 Notice & Note: Memory Moment Notice & Note:Memory Moment Quote from Novel-(Yanek talking). "Had I really ever owned something so amazing as a toothbrush? Had I ever really lived in a world with such wondorous things in it? Even the simplest of possesions seemed like treasures now." (Gratz,pg.188) Quote from Novel- (Uncle Moshe talking). "Remember: You are no one. You have no name. You do not speak, you do not look at them, you do not volunteer for anything. You work, but not to hard they notice you. Gizela Zitka.-- But we have only one prurpose now: survive. Survive at all costs, Yanek. We cannot let these monsters tear us from the pages of the world." (Gratz,pg. 69-70) Gizela- Is a female likely German name. This memory moment from the book impacts the story by even though Yanek is going through a really tough time during the Holocaust including the Nazis starving them and all the shootings and all the hard work, he still manages to remember all the great things in life that happened to him and now since he is all alone. This memory moment from the book impacts the story by when Yanek is remembering the first time he had gotten a toothbrush he is remembering the value in things. He hadn't known the he had owned something really valuable even if it was a simple toothbrush and this makes the readers think about and also value what they already have and what there parents provide them with. This Again and Again from the book impacts the storybecause Yanek noticed that not just things that cost a lot of money are the only valuable things in this world but a toothbrush is valuable for the people who don't have any and during teh Holocaust they didn't have any. So this makes the reader want to appreciate what they have now even the simplest things in the world. It could impact a person's lfe by thinking better and diiferent. This is why it keeps saying different examples of again and again in the story for the readers to value things in life. This again and again from the book impacts the story or reader because Yanek realizes that not everything that costs a lot of money is valuable.No one ever realizes how much something is valuable when you don't have it. And since Yanek didn't have a toothbrush he is realizing how valuable one is. Even the readers can learn from this because they have to appreciate what you have and what your parents provide you with because you never know when you might not have it. This Words of the Wiser fom the book impacts the storyand reader by towards the end of the book the authorkept repeating what Uncle Moshe had told Yanek before he died because Uncle Moshe wanted Yanek to survive the Holocaust. I think it was because he wanted to teach the Nazis that through all the starvation and shootings and troubles, there would be survivers.This teaches the readers to never give up even through the toughest times. Even for me.. I was always thought to myslef that why doesn't Yanek give up already since it seemed like he was going to die already but I was wrong and I'm happy Yanek never gave up and he was strong through the Holoacust. Notice & Note: Words of the Wiser Antisemitism- Dislike or hatred of the Jews. Auschwitz-Birkenau- It is the largest concentration camp where 1.6 million Jews died. Ghetto- Is a section of a city where Jews were forced to live, usually with several families living in one house, separated from the rest of the city by walls or wire fences, and used primarily as a station for gathering Jews for deportation to concentration camps.
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