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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Surviving Hitler: A Boy In The Death Camps Again & Again Tough Question Aha Moment Words of The Wiser Again and Again kept popping up in this book, with Jack the main character kept bringing up that ifyou did the littliest mistake you would get beaten for it. "But the consequence for a false move is death." Aha Moment happened to Jack when he wassick with dysentery so he went to this room with alot of Jews with illnesses. The doctor there killed everyone with just a needle and soon Jackwould be one of them. "If the Nazis want us all dead, they are already doing that." "As Jack watched, he realized that within minutes of receiving a shot, the man would jerk spasmodically-and then died." "When I was throwing those bodies off the truck, I knew their suffering, at least was over. At that moment, I felt they were the lucky ones." The main tough question in the book is, should I give up or keep on trying to survive. Words of the Wiser in this book is Jacks dad when he has to stay and take care of some business at home while Jack and his mother went away to be safe. Jacks father told him,"You are my eldest son. I am counting on you to take care of our family." 4 Unknown Words:Buchenwald- one of the first major contration camps in Germany.Hungarian-a native of hungry.Typhus- bacterial disease spread by lice and fleasBoxcar- transport for Jews to Concentration camps (hold up to 40, but Nazis put 85-140 Jews in one.
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