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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How does the drought in Ethiopia impact the way of in Ethiopia impact the way of life for people? Economic: 1) Farmers crops are destroyed, so the Farmers don't get money2) If a farmers water supply is too low, the farmer will have to spend money to drill new wells. And if the farmer doesn't get money, it could be problamatic Environmental: There will be a increaseof disease in animals, because of the lack offood and water supplies. Social: Population migration is a problem caused by droughts.Often because there's a greaterfood and water supply elsewhere Political: Since there isno more water the roads and side walksso the governmentwill have to pay tofix the roads and sidewalks. Where it is happening Other countries are sending clean, fresh water to Ethiopia after the pleads of theEthiopians plead. It's still happening!
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