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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Makayla Gould Northwest Ordinance The Northwest Ordinance was adopted July 13, 1787 by the Second Continental Congress. It chartered a government for the Northwest Territory, provided a method for admitting new states, and listed the bill of rights guaranteed in a new territory. It has been said that the Northwest ordinance was one of the greatest achievements of the Congress of Confederation. Summary Main point #1 Main point #2 Main point #3 3 stage method to admitting states Forbade slavery Chartered a governement for the Northwest Territory The Northwest Ordinance set up a government for the new states. When a state joined the new Union,they would all be equal. It also set up a place for a school in each new state. It made it so that education had federal support. There were also a bill of rights included, setting rules that all people would have in the new states. There were three steps that had to be completed before a group could become a stateThe first step, was that they had to appoint a governor, a secratary, and three judges. The second step, was that once there were 5,000 males in the territory, they could elect a legislature and delegates. The final step, was that they have to have at least 60,000 free pople living in the territory. They were unable to vote until all these steps were completed. The Northwest Ordinance forbid slavery in the Northwest Territory,except as a criminal punishment.
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