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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The North The South Slavery Slavery Inventions Inventions In the North the slaves were free from slavery. However, they still didn't have all the regular American rights. They weren't allowed to go to public schools, vote, serve juries or testify against white defendants, and whites were put ahead of them in society. Since they weren't allowed in regular churches they also created their own churches. Also if a free African American was captured they would be sold and become a slave again. Some popular inventions in the North were the use of textiles and the telegraph. Due to the use of the sewing machine people started to dress better and acquire more clothes. As far as new forms of transportations the steamboat clipper ships were invented which means canals were created as well. There was also railroads that increased the time and simplicity it was to export items Agriculture was more popular in the South where as in the North there was more population, cities and factories. Therefore the inventions of the mechanical reaper, threshers, and steel plow helped out with gathering, picking and producing farmland things such as cotton. This also meant farmers were replaced with these machines which caused a large amount to move North into the large cities. Southerners thought slavery was okay therefore many people in the south had slaves. Slaves had no rights and were forced to work. If they didn't work they were beaten/abused. Slaves were often not thought of as people but as property. They performed work such as house keeping, butlers, nannies and the most common, heavy farm labor. They also had to live under slave codes
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