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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Family HAPPINESS Integrityyourreputationdepends on it Treat each otherlike family integrity trust Trust buildsrespect respect HO PE Core Values Northern Division appinessptimismostive Changexcellence Operating Principles creating a safe environment Trust *No gossip/Keeping confidences*Not create winners/losers:team goal*Show(+) recognition Respect *Be open to ideas-opinions/Make other ideas work*Give staff the opportunity to teach you something*Admit when you're wrong(Take responsibility/own it)*Find humility/laugh at yourself*Everyone plays an important role*Give recognition Camaraderie *Be a part of a team*Foster cooperative work environment*Fun(outside of work)*Competition(between buildings)*Give staff time to recognize each other *Address it, stop it!*Team building activities, report to peers of new activities, unit wins, share more with personal emails, acknowledgement,feedback, stickers, and handwritten notes!*Pride awards and or certificates. *Ask for suggestions on changes we're discussing in committees.*Give staff opportunity to change itpresent policy outside of trainingpresent at unit meetings.*Public acknowledgementadmit when you're wrong learn from it.*Tell each one how they fit for accomplishing our goal.*Stop by their desk, give pride awards. *Be open to ideas,listen,put your ego & competitiveness aside.involve yourself in searches, field work,share unit emails, initiate ideas.*Ask others to join activities.*BOP IT!*Staff creates meeting ideas.
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