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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Location Tunisia Campaign Western Desert Campaign Operation Torch North African Campaign Britain wanted control over the Suez Canal because theyrelied on it for Middle Easternoil and raw materials from AsiaMany countries were fighting forland World War II North African Campaign The beginning of the Western Desert Campaign took place on September 13, 1940 when Marshal Rodolfo Graziani Italian 10th Army launched an attack from its bases in Libya on outnumbered British forces in western Egypt The Tunisian campaign began with an Allied amphibious landing near Sfax in eastern Tunisia on January 5, 1943, and an attack on German positions at Gafsa in west central Tunisia on March 17, 1943. On February 4, 1943, the British EighthArmy crossed the border from Libya into Tunisia On November 8, 1942, the military forces of the United States and the United Kingdom launched an amphibious operation against French North Africa. This attacks code name was known as torch. This name reflected the results of long and contentious arguments between British and American planners about the future course of Allied strategy The Heart of the Matter The Heart of the Matter takes place during World War II in West Africa and tells about the experiences from a perspective of a British cop. It tells about everyday living, the people, and what the government was like during the time World War II took place in mainly Europe and East Asia. The war split between two powers: the Allies and the Axis. The Axis Powers, including Germany,Italy and Japan and the Allies which included Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China and the United States of America One of the greatest challanges the Britons faced By: Kindall Stewart
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