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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 People We Are The Humans of The World Man Animals Our goal is to make the Earth abetter place. In order to do that, we need the people in our societyto know that persons with certaincharacteristics would be the first step in this endeavor. We need someonewho will listen to thepeople and feel whatthey feel in order forthem to know what is best for us.... Woman Sacrafice Nilfheim was a place before the creation of the world Every animal that was createdin Norse Mythologyhad a specific name We need someonewho is not afraid tosay "this is what I think is right and noone's going to change it." Experience We need someone who knows a lot and has learnedfrom his many mistakes so our country will not fallback but push forward.... Mythology is full of gods and goddess and all other type of weird creatures. In norse mythsthey are a bit more logical but still crazy Backstory double click to change this title text! It was the coldest and darkest region. It wasmade of frost, ice, and fog Today, we need to find leadersthat will aid us in the development of our country. The people you choose musthave most of the traits we havementioned above. Only you, the people have the power to choose who to elect and make us prosper. Animals that were createdwere used by the godsin Norse Mythology Of Creation Norse Mythology Sacrifice was very common. They would sacrifice humans, animals or inanimate objects.One sacrifice of humans wereheld at funerals. The others at festivals The Manna-helm wasthe home for humans. It wasmade using the eyebrowsof Ymir. Ash [Askr]The first man of norse mythologycreated by 3 gods. AskrMeaning "Ash Tree" Embla [Embla]was the first femalein norse mythologyhistory. Embla has no originin the name but it mightmean "Elm Tree"or "Vine"
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