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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Studies show that companies , which continuously improve their customer experience, have over three to eight times the profits compared to those that don't. NOOA is the collaborative platform that will help you engage your people and implement customer experience programs in your company - in a new, exciting and fast way. How to accomplish the cultural and behavioral change in your company, so that the improvements in customer experience will actualize? Having gamification in a platform doesn't secure meaningful results by itself. There must be a way to measure the developments and see if the wanted changes are happening in actuality. NOOA offers a Harvard-based built-in Relationship Customer Lifetime Value -calculation model and leadership structures. Thus, you can follow and report the developments throughout your company at any given time. More than 40% of the companies are now leaning towards using game-like mechanics toimplement cultural changes in their company. It offers a fun and novel way to engage your employees and start implementing the changes.NOOA is an intuitive Google-certified platform that has been created in cooperation with international partners and has been tested in many different markets. How to measure the developments in your customer experience and lifetime value? GAMIFYYOURCUSTOMEREXPERIENCE GAMIFY YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Why should all companies improve their customer experience ? Linnoitustie 4 Violin-talo 5krs., FI-02600 Espoo,
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