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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 7 C's framework by Grainne Conole 7 C's framework by Grainne Conole double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The 7Cs of Learning Design framework, which aims to help teachers/designers make design decisions that are pedagogically effective and make appropriate use of digital technologies. The 7Cs of Learning Design framework. The first C, Conceptualise, is about creating a vision for the course or module being designed. It helps the teacher/designer think about the nature of the learners who are likely to take the course or module, their age range, diversity, characteristics, skills, perceptions and aspirations. It is also about articulating the core principles associated with the course or module. The next four Cs are concerned with designing the resources and activities that the learners will engage with. The Create C helps the teacher/designer articulate what learning materials need to be created, whether these are text-base, interactive materials, podcasts or videos. In addition, it covers the use or re-purposing of Open Educational Resources. Finally, the teacher/designer might also create some activities, which require the learners to create their own content. The Communicate C is concerned with methods to facilitate communication, between the learner and the tutor, the learner and their peers, and the broader community through social media. This might range from effective mechanisms for fostering discussion in a forum, through effective moderation, or looser communication through social media. Similarly, the Collaborate C is about fostering mechanisms to enable collaboration or group work. Finally, the Consider C, is concerned with ways in which reflection and demonstration of learning achievements can be promoted. Assessment might be diagnostic, formative or summative. The Combine C enables the teacher/designer to step back and reflect on the design process to date and look at the design from different perspectives. Finally, the Consolidate C is about implementing the design in a real-life context and evaluating its effectiveness.
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