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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 No More Diabetes! THE CURE IS FINALLY HERE Diabetes is a disfunction in the pancreas that causes insulin to no longer be produced within the body. When this happens, sugar levels are no longer regulated and can drop or spike to dangerous levels. For years, this has been a major issue for people all over the world, and has even caused deaths. The Main Issue: The Pancreas The Main Solution: Insulin-Again Since, a failing pancreas mainly causes diabetes, wouldn't a new one solve the problem? Well that's exactly what these recently mastered stem cellswill do for you! Specifically, they are adult stem cells, tissue specific stem cells, that replace or restore injured parts of the body. Naturally, these stem cellsare only found for bone marrow, skin, and muscles but have been modified for the pancreas too.They have been condensed into pills, instead of receiving transplants, for convenience and will enter the body through this method. These are cells that can reproduce rapidly and will be able to replace any type of cell, along with its function. Essentially, this means that an organism will be able to reproduce any part of its body. However, research and studies have shown that treatment for the pancreas has been the most effective and efficient. The cells will replace and mend pancreas cells until a healthy one is restored. By doing this, these cells can repair the injured state of this organ, which will in turn, begin producing insulin again. No More Needles, No More Pain, No More Hassle! Maximum of 3 tablets per dayAsk your doctor before taking Insulin-AgainRecommended to be over age of 7
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