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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Illegal Immigrants should not be allowed to get an education or later a job because they can take jobs when their educated enough and take money from the economy to pay for their school and education. Thesis Reason 1 Reason 2 $12 billion dollars each year!What's that number you might ask? It's how much money the government is choosing to spend on primary and secondary school for illegal immigrants. $8 billion dollars, is spent on primary school so that must mean that $4 billion is spent on secondary school. Counter Argument When their educatedthey can work and pay taxes and helpthe economy. No, they won't be able to pay taxes cause the government will find out they are illegal when they try to pay them. NO EDUCATION FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Did you know that over 8% of Americans are unemployed. Thinking in the long run, illegal immigrants could get smarter by school and later take jobs away from legal American citizens. Call To Action Immigrants should have to present a green cardor some legal document showing that they are legal before they can apply for an education or get into a school because population in schools in already an issue and we don't need people who aren't even legal in the country coming into our schools. KEYPink- CaliforniaPurple- NevadaLight Blue- ArizonaDark blue- TexasGreen- New Jersy By: Kylie Devin How many Illegal Immigrants are in each state?
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