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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Campaign Logo Singapore Females in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) First Female Combatant Comedy Soccer Israel United States First Female Combatant: 1986 First Female Combatant: First Female Combatant: 2013 1985 1986 First Female 2013 1985 % of Females Females Males 7.5% 14.5% 33% NO NO YES Compulsory Female conscription Combatant 1986 1993 2004 2010 2011 2013 Women assignedas Motar Platoon Leaders in Infantry Units 4 women receive the SAF Merit Scholarship First Female Colonel First FemaleMaster Warrant Officer First FemaleParachuter in the National Day Parade Canada 15% NO 1989 Australia 10% NO By 2016 United Kingdom 10% NO 2013 Singapore Vs Other Countries A Brief History What you didn't know about females in the SAF 1/3 of females who sign onreceive study awards and scholarships Females join the Pegasus Company in BMT During BMT, females affectionately term their rifles as their "husbands" SAF hopes todouble its female population to at least 3000 1500 females signed on (2013) Highest ranked female is Colonel Gan Siow Huang Explainer Box This infograph provides further statistics on females in the SAF and compares the female population in the SAF to other countries - The Sunday Times - The Sunday Times - National Geographic - National Geographic - National Geographic - The Daily Mail 3 possible schemes females can sign up under 1.Officers 2.WarrantOfficers 3.MilitaryExperts OR OR Percentage Breakdownof Males and Females in Active Service
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