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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Munster High SchoolMr. FortnerAvi SahiIN_30_ZZ379 Total Invested = $48,683.67Remaining Balance = $51,316.33Overall Unrealized Gains/Losses = $7,622.14Total Equity Gains = $7,306.17Net Equity Gains = $7,306.17Percent Return = 7.31% Overview of Portfolio Stock Portfolio Stock: NikeTicker: NKEPurchase Price: $87.80Number of Shares: 20Ending Price: $99.31Gains: $213.04 Investment Rationale Strategy Future Changes Graphics We chose to invest in Nike because of many reasons.The main reason is because our strategy was toinvest in sports clothing. We chose Nike because ithad the most potential to grow according to Google'sgraphs. Also, we invested in it because Nike is one ofmy favorite companies and I couldn't resist notbuying it. In the end, the Nike stock provided us with a fair amount of income. Our group had three solid strategies that we felt would benefit our group in the most ways. First off we invested in sports clothing companies, such as Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas.We did this for a multitude of reasons: these companies are popular, they are worn by many,and they produce clothing for all seasons of the year. Secondly, we invested in pharmaceuticalbecause we'll always need medication and vaccines. Lastly, we decided to invest in snackfood companies, such as Pepsi and Pinnacle Foods. We came to the conclusion that everyonegets hungry and everyone loves a snack. If we had the opportunity to have another crack at the Stock MarketGame, we would definitely decide not to invest in pharmaceuticalcompanies. Granted, they often were beneficial, however they werenever stable and that's a problem. One week Pfizer would be goingup, up, up and then the following week it appeared to be in the toilet.These companies were simply too difficult to work with and wouldwithout a doubt be left out next time around.
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