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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Turning Point events Alhaji Sir Ahmundu Bello: the leader Northern spokesmanduring Nigeria's drive to gainindependence from the British.Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa: Nigerian politician, leader in theNorthern Perople's Congress, and the first federal prime minister. Nigeria (British Empire) (1914-1960)Blake Fields, Robert Dillard Key players Circumstances Obstacles There was a Civil war within Nigeria and thiswas an obstacle for them because this was in the way of them growing as a great modernstate, because they had to focus on suppliesand things pertaining to the war causing them to stray way from improving as a state. The Big turning point in this movement ofNigeria is in 1954 when they made a constitutionbecause this set them up in the direction to become a great and modern state. "I promise you, we shall not fall for want of determination.And we come to this task better-equipped than many. For this, I pay tribute to the manner in which successiveBritish governments have gradually transferred the burden of responsibility to us."Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Quotation A 21st century 9th grader should care because this information is still relevant. If this event did not occur, it could have had a ripple effect, potentially effectinghow our lives are today. Nigeria became a modern state when the British Empire made them a colony. They had many natural resources and high population. All of this made them a modern state. 1900: Nigeria became a part of the British Empire.1906: Lugard subdues Kano and Sokoto and finally puts an end to their rulers' slave-raiding expeditions.1914: Northern and Southern Nigeria are merged together1954: A new constitution established the federation ofNigeria and adds the federal territory of Lagos.1950: An African political structure is gradually achieved.1960: Nigeria became their own state. -Britain made Nigeria a protectorate on January 1, 1901.-Britain became the dominate power in West Africaafter the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars-Britain established three colonial governments: Eastern.Western, and Northern Nigeria. Each region competed for power among all the regions.
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