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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Birth Influence/Other's useof his research Birth and Death Significance World War I World War II Death By having a Stroke Significant History Nov. 18, 1967 Niels BohrCopenhagen, Denmark Oct. 7, 1885 Part of the Manhattan Project Production of the first uranium and plutonium bomb. Also, was named "Nicholas Baker" for security reasons. Most known for the "Bohr Model". the idea that "the atom was composed of a tightly packed, positively-charged nucleus surrounded by electrons that traveled in circular orbits," and he further proposed "that the electrons in the outermost orbit determined the atom's chemical properties His ideas were revolutionary and so influential that everyone in Quantum Physics after him is still using his research. Not only did he influence Quantum physics, but the outcome of WWII through the Manhattan project and the rest of the world with atomic peace compromises. Was also Oppenheimer's mentor during the war Led to winning of Nobel Peace prize in 1922 and creation of Quantum physics which disproved most many old theories of physics
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