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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CANADA (ONTARIO) SINGAPORE Made in Canada Made in Canada Canada is one of the few countries with four seasons.Winter,Spring,Summer and Fall. On Monday February 3rd 1947 the temperature was -63°c. In Canada there is a summer and fall but, it doesn't get very warm. Canada is in the top five coldest countries in the world. (#4) TOP FIVE: TOP FIVE: 13,060 km 2010 Vancouver Olympic mascots. Canada's great lakes: Canada's great lakes: One of Canada's national animals. Canada has more lakes than all the other lakes in the world combined. Only 1% of lakes in Canada get new water from snow and rain and 40% of Canada and the USA's boarder in made up of lakes. Some of Canada's great lakes can make up to $100 millionin their fishing and over the past couple of yearsthey have lost a lot of money because of drainage and diseases. Some of the great lakes can give water to up to 8.5 million Canadians. 71% of maple syrup comes from Canada and 91% of the maple -syrup that comes from Canadais from Quebec! Ontario is the 2nd biggestprovince in Canada, the only province that's bigger is Quebec. In Quebec the people speak french and some of the people that live there are Irish, Italian, Aboriginal, Scottish and German. OUR PROVINCE OUR PROVINCE DID YOU KNOW DID YOU KNOW Canada is the 2nd biggest country in the world.It doesn'thave the most people but, there is a lot of land that doesn't get used because it's always cold; and Canada is alsomade up of a lot of lakes like in Nova Scotia they have a lot of people fishing. BIGGEST WATER SUPPLY: BIGGEST WATER SUPPLY: Lake in one of Canada's national parks.
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