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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Differences Between the North and South During the Industrial Revolution North South By: Nicole Kallod Cold Winters ShortWarm Summers Waterfalls run factories Complete with forests, swamps, and rivers Agriculture Differences Warmer climatefor cotton Cooler climatefor corn andpotatoes Economy ure.jpg n.jpg i.jpg 05/ Families work in textile factories, no slaves Kill animals for fur Small farmsproduce crops Slaves pick cotton,no factoriesare used Plantations were home to cotton, whites, and slaves Iron was supplied in the northern economy Men chop plentiful lumber for wood Plantation ownersorder slavespicking in the field No tariffs High tariffs Lifestyle &Culture Picture Sources: jpg lonies.jpg htm 88.jpg tem.html 1.jpg SuspendedScorchingSummers MildShort Winters No waterfalls
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