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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Boston Tea Party is when the colonist dressed up like Indians and set off on three ships in the Boston Harbor and threw tea into the water. Boston Tea Party to The Decleration of Independence Boston Tea Party The Intolerable Acts were four laws passed by the British on the colonies as punishment for the Boston Tea Party. Intolerable Acts Quebec Act First Continental Congress The Quebec Act extended the border of Quebec, gaveCanada a government, and gave complete religious freedom to French Catholics. Leaders from all colonies,except Georgia, met in Philadelphia to talk. Lexington and Concord At Lexington and Concord the colonists were hiding ammunition,and when the Britishwent to take itaway a minuteman shot a bullet, startinga war. Olive Branch Petition Ticonderoga Continental Army is formed The Battle of Bunker Hill Common Sense The Decleration of Independence The Olive branch Petition is the petition made bythe colonists to ask King George the third to getrid of the Intolerable Acts.In return, the colonistswould remain loyalto Britian. The Green Mountain Boys took over Fort Ticonderogaand took thecannons, and sent themto Boston to help fight away the British. After the British declined the Olive Branch Petition, the colonists decided to forman army and appoint GeorgeWashington as the leader. The Battle of Bunker Hill was the first major battle of the Revolution. It also proved that the Americanscould fight bravely and that the British would not be easyto defeat. Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense to persuadethe colonists to separate fromBritain. It sold more than 500,000copies in 6 months. After voting for independence, the congress asked Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence.The Declarationof Independence starts with a preamble, and has three main parts:Natural Rights, British Wrongs,and Independence.
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