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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Natural World of Nicaragua By: Lavina Burman Nicaragua is a very beautiful place with lots of natural features. The people of Nicaragua take pride in caring for theirland. In this presentation I will be showing you the natural world of Nicaragua! This is the Islets of Granada Theme 1 LocationNicaragua is located in Central America south of Honduras and north of Costa Rica Theme 2 RegionNicaragua is located in an heavily vegetated area, with a very warm climate. This is the Concepcion volcano on the island of Ometepe This is the Cloud Forest of Mombacho Theme 3 RegionNicaragua has many features including a island called Ometepe which is made up 2 volcanoes Map of Nicaragua Theme 4 InteractionSome natural materials are gold,zinc,silver, and more. Natural Recources Theme 5 MovementNicaragua's barrier to trade are the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean The island of Ometepe
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