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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Important Possessions Niamh Power A-In KimAmerican Lit - B block3/2/15 Her name, Niamh, is pronounced as 'Neev'. It was a common enough name inCounty Galway, Ireland. But not that usualin the Irish tenements, in New York. Lateron, her name was changed to Dorothy by the Byrnes, and, again, to Vivian by the Nielsens. Languages Family 3 Words to Describe You Places Lived description here lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipsicsing elit - Ireland, County Galway, Kinvara- New York City, 1929- the Schatzmans- the Children's Aid Society- the Byrnes (Albans, Minnesota)- the Gotes (Hemingford County, Minnesota)- the Nielsens (Hemingford, Minnesota) English (Irish) - native - Mature- Responsible- kind Father - died from a fireMother - died from a fireJames & Dominick - 6 years old twinsMaisie - she survived from a fire when she was eighteen months old, but died 5 months agoMr. Byrne & Mrs. Byrne - first house that Niamh was adopted. Mrs. Byrne died at cold storm.Mr. Gote & Mrs. Gote - second housethat Niamh was adopted.Mr. Nielsen & Mrs. Nelsen - final housethat Niamh was adopted. Nimah always possessesan a small pewter claddagh Celtic cross, which is an Irish cross.The figure is that hands are arounda heart. And there is a crown on the heart. It was given by her grandmother in Ireland. This is the only thing that she couldkeep possessing from where she was from.
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