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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2015 15 Personal Financial Resolutions for 2015 Networth a video on YouTubethat relates to thecontent find make a fake text convobetween you and afriend - explaining locate an artifact online or in your house Automate Use technology survey call a family member, ask about theirexperiences 3 people aboutthe topic shop the iTunes storefor an app thatcould be used a family member, ask about theirexperiences call search for an article relatingto the content for you to share an article or excerpt read learn about a topic andexplain how amovie clip relates curate items on a Pinterest board review a blogpost aboutthe topic a quick visual representation ofgiven facts create get going research the topic and notewhat you learn a problem solve - Personal Finance Blog play a game onlinerelating to the content Start class with an engaging activity; Class/group discussion; Minute to Spin It Bring somethingto class;Embed researchinto the flippedcomponent activity assess Take a quick concept quiz (at home or at the start of class) write Take Cloze notes; Discuss online; Blog about it; Post a question Budget Know yourNetworth FamilyInclusion Involve &Inform Manage Debt Clear Loans FamilyInclusion Use Technology Get rid off BadInsurance Track &Re-balance MaintainEmergency Fund SetFinancialGoals Plan & Invest now Do not Postpone Use technology CloseDormantAccounts Write a Will KnowBasics ofIncome Tax AvoidHerdMentality Need Vs Want Donate
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