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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Officials going behind our backs, no more shipbuilding! Jennifer KuramotoApril 9, 1430 "I think that we should continue to do shipbuilding and exploration, because Zheng He has done so much for us and this community. We should really appreciate this, and be glad for what we have today" a Chinese man named Yong Rei stated. Come buy beautiful vases, figurines plates, and cups made out of the finest clay that is baked athigh temperatures. These items are made of porcelain with hand drawn designs. They are 95 yuan for small, and 125 yuan for large. The plates and cups are very handy in your house and useful when eating and drinking. The gorgeous vases and figurinesare excellent to decorate yourhouse with and give to other people. Trading porcelain isvery common at the silk road. Zheng He didn't know he was going to become a traveler from a poor family, until he had seven missions that made him a hero. After a tragic death of his mother, Zheng He studied philosophy and geography and learned different languages. He sent a fleet on seven oversea voyages to trade with other kingdoms. Just his first flight had 62 large ships, 250 smaller ships, and about 28,000 men. He sailed all the way to southwest Asia, and sailed upthe Persian Gulf to Arabia, and got to East Africa. Zheng He helped many other people and companions by trading goods such as silk, paper, and porcelain, and in return he got silver, spices, and wood. He lead a fleet of Chinese ships across the Indian Ocean. His voyages opened trade for places including China, India, and Africa. Chinese Officials are trying to get the Emperor to cut shipbuilding and exploration. We shouldn't do this, because in order for us to get goods that we need to survive, we need to trade with other kingdoms. You could also get animals for zoo's. China also got rich, because of the trade from different voyages. Traveling to different kingdoms brought new ideas, which wasn't that bad, because we could create better things to sell and trade with other people and countries. Zheng He will continue to prosper and gain wealth to China. Ming Magic News
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