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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MARLINS NEWS AUTHOR: BEATRIZ AGUILARThe American School of Tampico MS Field Trips An adventure to discover... We Care, ATS Race The We care ATS Race was present on Saturday 22 of February at the Playa Miramar. Many students and ATS personal attended it, it was a success. The middle school field trips were very important and educational experiences for the students. 8thgrade went to Washington D.C, 7th grade went to Baja California Sur and 6th grade went to Guanajuato. MS Dance 2015 The MS Dance took place on Thursday 26 of February. It was an awesome party, here we can see the King an Queen (Adriana and Pablo) MS ASOMEX 2015 Basketball team ended up in 5th place but they had a great time. Football team is now going on the 13 of March. We hope they win! Halloween Celebration The Halloween Celebration presented by our hosts Chacho and Gaby. It was possible because of the organization of StuCo, many of the students participated in the custom contest. Elders In my service learning we are preparing to go see the elders to The Asilo Señora de Lourdes. There we make activities to entertain them and make them happy. Valentines Day! On Valentines Day StuCo organized the selling of "Kissograms" and roses for the students to buy and send them to their friends. Independece Day Celebartion On September we had our Independence Day celebration with mariachis, piñatas and mexican candys. We had a great time, we also ate trolelotes and raspas.
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