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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Through the School Year School is starting. Everything is new and every ATS students are ready to learn more and interesting things. I hope teachers are redy to! By: Rebeca Fdz. Back to school! Our first event was the 15 of September, Mexican independence. Elementary and Middle School,celebrated it under the library lots of food, musica, and a piñata. Mexican independence Halloween!!! Students from early childhood, elementary, and midle school celebrated halloween by dressing up as their favorite thing. They had a party, some at school and others at night. They celebrated by showing everyone their costumes, eating candy, and watching a move. Christmas Celebration!! Last day of school for our christmas vacation! Everyone was excited and happy to finallyhave a break of school. Students from middle school had many fun activities and ate tacos. Trip to Baja and Guanajuato!! This 2015 started great! Students from 7th grade went to Los Cabos,and students from 6th grade wentto Guanajuato. They learned a lot in both trips,and in Baja some girls got the chance to touch a whale. We care ATS race ATS organized a race to collect money for the scholarship drive. One sunday many students went to run and some even won a prize. Middle School Dance! Middle school stuco organized a dance. Students went to the dance with a partner. They danced and had fun all night! Asomex Marlins went to monterrey to win basketball asomex. Also boys went to monterrey to win the asomex!
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