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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Continuing to Grow Strong of Her Divice of Choose 75% 45% 25% 85% 60% Samsung Tablet Apple Ipad Kindle Fire B&N Nook 2004 4 in 10 black-owned businesses are own by WOMEN 77% 80% 65% 95% 5 African-American Women Love Social Media 68% 81% African-American Women Media Consumption 92% 78% 54% 32% First black licensed pilot in the worldBESSIE COLEMAN 62% Of African-Americanwomen believe embracing and supporting their ethnic culture is important Of Black Women Believe Supporting Minority Business Enterprises are Important 59% Of African-American WomenAgree That Pursuing Good Health is Important 79% Culture & Community Health & Wellness Of Black Women Agree That it is Important to Trust a Brand When Purchasing its Products Shopping 79% More Likely to Purchase OnlineThan the General Market "Movie Tickets" 40% 23.4MM are African American Women 15% Her fearless journey Out of the 161 MM women in the U.S.A. of Market Size African American have of Americas future in their household 14% Out of the 45.2 MM kids living in U.S.A. housholds 6.3 MM are African American Kids 40% Of Black Women Shop at Healthy Food Storeslike Whole Food, Trader Joe's or Fresh Market Out of Market Size Olympic gymnast (Gabby Douglas) U.S.A First Lady (Michele Obama) President of an Ivy League university (Ruth Simmons) 2012 1921 First AA woman elected to CongressSHIRLEY CHISHOLM The mother of the freedom movementROSA PARKS 1955 - 2005 1924-2005
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