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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 News Weekly The Industrial revolutionwas a time where there was a gradual gain to the era. This era had positive effectswas when people had higher wages than working infarm. Which then led to the people being able to afford to heat their homes and also for them to have better clothesand a better healthy diet. The industry it had way more jobs,and had a higher demand of consumer goods. The other positive effects of the revolutionwas the development of the rail roads which helps thetransportation of goods andpeople, this helped with the traveling. There is also new inventions that would also lead to more and improved lifestyles. Entrepreneurs move to the urban cities/towns to make more money then ties with new technology and inventions.Even Stephen Gardiner said itwas "...another of those extraordinary jumps forwardin the story of civilization."All of these would have finallyhelped the future of the generations. The negative effect of theindustrial revolution waswas the horrid unhealthyworking conditions, airand water pollution.Thechildren worked for only five shillings the womenworked for about tenshillings, which wasn'ta whole lot. Here is a quote we have searchedfor.. "I began work at the mill in Bradford when I wasnine years old……we beganat six in the morning and worked until nine at night.When business was brisk,we began at five and worked until ten in the evening." HannahBrown, interviewed in 1832.these children had the mostdangerous jobs of all. If onechild was to die within the factory it was easy to finda replacement as if it wasnothing. As for the livingconditions it was worse.There was lack of education,police protection, and for thefamilies there was a major lackdrainage systems and space for each family. The workingconditions was that the factories were not lit very well with lightsor clean. If you were to get a limb injury for example if yourarm got cut off from the machinery then there is no hope, because there was government program to provide to the person. Just in the positive and negative effects of the Revolution!!! We personally believe thatthe Industrial Revolution was a positive action, because even though the people of society wentthrough the struggle of badconditions, from the government, housing conditions and money income. All of it was not in vain it helped what we have today as the generation that will pull off many great ideas anddreams. From the social statuses that dragged down many, the industrial revolution helped shape our future. With out the inventions and thefactories we would have been a couplesteps behind than where we are now.Also one of the achievements that leadto our opinion of the positivity therevolution was the development of therail roads, because with out them transportation of materials to trade ortravel would be more difficult than ever.People cover more land than by wagonswhich would take longer to travel. We hold our opinion down with an iron hand.
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