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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Chinese Times The Grand Voyeges of Zheng He 1430 Ad In this year of 1430, the government has proposed a cutin funding the exploration and ship building.We cannot let that happen!Exploration is a huge part of our culture, just thinkif we conquer new lands we can expand ourculture and make china the most powerfulempire ever to exist on this planet! Think of the great Zheng He the most famous Chinese sailor of all time. His first fleet was a whopping 62 large ships with 250 smaller ships!His largest ship was over 134 meters long! Zheng He was most famous for his seven missions across the oceans, which earned him his heroic honors. Zheng He's voyages to new lands opened the door for trade among China, India, and Africa. Many of the Chinese moved abroad to sell Chinese goods. Those wholearned and spoke more than one language, like Zheng He, prospered.Zheng He took his first fleet to southeast Asia. In later voyages, he reached India, sailed up the Persian Gulf to Arabia, and even landed in East Africa. In these areas, Zheng He traded Chinesegoods, such as silk, paper, and porcelain. He brought back silver, spices, wood, and other goods.As a result of Zheng He's voyages, Chinese merchants settled in Southeast Asia and India. There,they did not only trade goods, but also spread Chinese culture. Zheng He was obviously the greatest sailor for a very long time. So you see, if you can stand up on deny the proposalyou to can become the hard working and brilliant Zheng He!
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